IELTS Writing Task 2 – Band 9 Strategies – Giving Gifts

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IELTS Task 2 Writing

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

These days, more and more people are giving money as a gift on special occasions. Why is this? Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Include explanations and examples from your own experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Paraphrase the question = Nowadays, many individuals are gifting cash for special celebrations. What are the reasons for this and do believe this to be good or bad?

TOPIC = types of gifts people give (money and other gifts)

CONTROLLING IDEA(S) = the reasons for the popularity of cash as a present AND is it good or bad

(3 minutes)
What is a gift?

It is an object, idea, or event that is given to a person without expecting compensation in return (altruistic = given without expectation)
Why do people give gifts?

Make the person happy, show appreciation, motivate, love and affection, strengthen the relationship, show caring, and consideration

How do people give gifts?

On special occasions, presented in unique ways and forms, a diamond ring for an anniversary hidden in chocolate cake.

Why do people give cash instead of other presents?

It provides choices for the recipient, are not clear of people’s preferences or needs, convenient: can be gifted easily, time and energy

Is this good or bad? (I don’t know) ***Ask more questions!!!

Is money as a gift the best way for a person to feel that I am thinking about them? NO, not likely

Is it the most memorable gift I have ever received money? NO

***We are not thinking about gift-giving as a positive for the giver but rather the recipient.

Money is not the best form of a gift, so it is not a positive trend – Why? – It does not show caring and thoughtfulness, it lacks sentimental value

Why? Because it’s convenient

Why bad? Lacks sentimental value

Thesis: The primary reason that many people opt to give money as a gift is that it is convenient; however since cash lacks sentimental value this is a negative trend as it defies the fundamental concept behind giving presents.

Homework – finish the introductory paragraph!
Practical decision (logical and simple decision)


(Hook) The tradition of gift-giving has been a part of humanity for millennia. (Background) The altruistic presentation of an object, event, or idea to show caring for others is an essential ritual among relationships, especially on unique occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. Each gift has a unique impact on the recipients thinking and feeling. (Thesis) The primary reason that many people opt to give money as a gift is that it is convenient; however, since cash lacks sentimental value, this is a negative trend as it defies the fundamental concept behind giving presents.

BODY 1 (Topic Sentence = deeper definition of my thesis point 1 = the reason cash is given is because of its convenience)

People have very busy lives these days, and often times they choose to give cash to friends and family as this saves them time and energy. (explanation – why/how and quantitative information) Throughout the year, people are tasked with finding presents for dozens of occasions like birthdays, graduation, and New Years”’ to name a few. It can take many hours to consider each person’s needs and wants, and then procure the gifts from physical or online stores. All of this trouble can be avoided by simply putting a hundred dollars in an envelope with a nice ‘congratulation’ card. Clearly, this is a major motivation for people to gift money. (Example) For my brother’s last birthday, I simply had no time to do shopping, so I transferred him $200 as a gift instead, and this only took three minutes of my time. (connecting) Although this was convenient, I was not satisfied with my choice.

Simply put, giving money to others does not satisfy the true intent of presents for special occasions as cash does not reflect thoughtfulness or caring towards the recipient. Money is simply a tool used to buy objects and services, and people know that little effort goes into the process of giving 100 dollars on a special occasion, especially when compared to a thoughtful item where the giver has considered the personality and conversations they have had with the recipient and take a few hours to search for that ‘perfect’ gift. In fact, after seeing the disappointment on my brother’s face for simply giving him money for his birthday, I decided that I would go out and buy him a nice Apple Watch that he had had his eye on for quite some time.


In conclusion, giving money is an easy and quick solution towards giving presents to others, but it is a bad trend because it does not create the desired result of this ritual. Therefore, I think that people should take a few hours out of their busy schedules to consider the right gift and then buy, and present it. At the end of the day, relationships matter much more than a few dollars in an envelope.

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