IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Band 9 Strategies – Health Facilities

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A fantastic place for improving both mental and physical well-being just three blocks from my home is Balance Health Center which was built by Surat Municipality Corporation just a year ago. Balance Health is located on Washington Street and there are several bus stops as well as a train station in its near vicinity for accessibility. It is just half a block from the General Hospital, so it is an excellent venue for outpatients to use and get better. Behind the complex is Beacon Hill park which provides a nice calm view for the people using the facilities at the center. It is built on a 5000 sq ft. lot, it’s a four-story building made with large windows, so the inside is very spacious and bright. There are a variety of health facilities and services available at Balance Health including physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, fitness gym, diet, and weight counseling, as well as a swimming pool with hydrotherapy. Individuals of all ages visit this center, as adults do aerobics and weight-lifting, and the elderly get treatments with specialists. The primary intended use of this complex has been for cardiac patients as well as those who have undergone surgery to help them recover as quickly as possible. So, most of the people who visit there are either elderly or outpatients. I’m very happy that this establishment is near my home as I also make use of it. I particularly like the integrative approach to health and healing at Balance Health as they emphasize both western and eastern medicine throughout the healing process.

So, how often do you go to Balance Health?

A: I visit there fairly often, about two to three times a week, usually on Wednesdays and Saturdays, especially to make use of the swimming pool and Sauna. I was there just a couple days ago and swam for about an hour.

Can you tell me a little bit about the cost of services at this Health Center?

Yes, certainly, most of the services are fairly well priced, one acupuncture treatment is 20 dollars, the monthly membership for the pool is 50 bucks and of course, there are discounts for the elderly and outpatients.


Let’s talk about health establishments

What are some different places where people can go to feel better physically and mentally?

There are places in both cities, like Balance Health that I talked about, as well as in nature, like the seaside or a hike up a mountain where people may frequent to rejuvenate body and soul. It’s great to visit the outdoors and get fresh air and some peace and quiet at times, while at other times, it feels great to release stress by lifting weights for an hour at the local gym.

Which of these places is the cheapest? Which places are expensive?

The most cost-effective locations are going to be those in nature, as individuals just need to pay for the cost of gas or mass transit to get there; however, private locations that offer specialized services, such as an hour with a psychologist or personal-trainer can be extremely costly, like 200 dollars an hour.

What health centers should be government-funded? Which ones should be privately operated?

I believe that vital health services, such as hospitals, as well as community recreation centers, ought to be funded by the government as this helps to maintain public morale and builds a strong society. On the other hand, certain luxury services, like gyms and massage clinics are better left to the private sector so that they are always equipped with the most modern gear and give top-notch products and services.

How have health centers changed in the past twenty years? How are they still the same?

Healthcare facilities have improved greatly over the past two decades, not only in the technology that is being used to heal patience or help them develop, but also the knowledge of staff through better education. Nevertheless, they have remained similar in some ways, such as hospitals still serve awful tasting food.

Let’s talk about health tourism

Many people travel to other countries to improve their health. What are the reasons for this?

Is it good or bad for a country to offer health services to foreign citizens? Can you elaborate on this?

If many people leave the country for healthcare abroad, how does this affect their local health industry?

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