IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Band 9 Strategies – City and Town life

Hi Students! Here are the Speaking part 1 questions that we covered in the past. Remember to practice your speaking by clicking, “Student Partner Speaking” in your My Student Account at (Use code A8TW9 to get a 10% discount when you join the Premium Package) Good studies.


What is your full name?

My given names are Richard David and my surname is McKenzie, please just refer to me as Dave.

May I see your identification?

Yes, of course, here is my id that I’ve used to register for the exam, please take a look.

What helps you to relax?

When I feel energetic, I relax by doing some exercise, like half an hour of yoga or a 5km jog, and if I’m feeling exhausted, I will watch a bit of Netflix, as I did yesterday after a long day at the office.

What is your favorite color?

I love the color blue as it signifies life and prosperity, it is the color of water and the sky, as well as my wife’s beautiful eyes. At least half of the clothing in my closet has some blue in it.

Let’s talk about city and town life.

Why do people like living in cities?

There are a plethora of reasons that people enjoy residing in cities, much of it has to do with the convenience of amenities such as stores, schools, theaters, and hospitals. Aside from these, cities offer many opportunities for jobs and social circles. I live in the city of Budapest and I have at least a dozen friends all within walking distance of my home.

How about towns?

Well, in contrast to metropolitan life, the countryside offers peace and quiet. The air quality tends to be much better and of course, there’s a lot more nature to enjoy. Usually, life is much slower paced and many people prefer this to the rat race of cities. For these reasons, I love to visit my relatives living in small towns around Hungary.

Do you prefer living in a city or the countryside, why?

Even though the countryside life is enticing, I prefer to live in a large city simply for the reasons that I had stated before. I’m an outgoing person, so I like to meet with a variety of friends throughout the week and enjoy different venues. Last week, I went to an Italian and Japanese restaurant and the cinema, all within one kilometer of my home.

What are the common kinds of buildings in big cities?

The most frequently visible architecture in downtown areas of cities is high-rise buildings and skyscrapers made of concrete, steel, and glass. Many of these are either businesses, office buildings, or residential apartments. Moving towards the outskirts or suburban areas of the city, family homes become more commonplace.

How about towns?

Towns tend to have lots of large homes and farms with barns and other utility buildings to store work vehicles like trucks, as well as some community buildings like a town hall, school, and library.

If you could live in any city, where would you live?

Has city life changed much in the past twenty years? How about towns?

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