IELTS Writing Task 2 – Learning About Other Countries

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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people think that it is necessary to travel abroad to learn about other countries, but other people think that it is not necessary to travel abroad because all the information can be seen on TV and on the internet. Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion.
Write at least 250 words.

***Always strive to be clear, complete, and concise with your thinking!!!

TOPIC = (What am I discussing?) Learning about other countries

CONTROLLING IDEA = (Specifically, what do I discuss about the topic?) Is it important to travel to the country to learn about it, or is learning through the internet and TV sufficient?

What does it mean to learn about other countries?

A: Learning the culture, language, environment, surroundings, food, history, industries, business,

Why learn about another country?

A: to learn tolerance and acceptance of others, more opportunities in business, education, and living, – influences, morals, values, loyalties – to
gain broader global experience and enrich a person’s life

How can this be achieved?

To go and live in a foreign country and to learn about it through information online and elsewhere.

What is learning about a country through the internet and TV?

To search and gather ‘second-hand’ or indirect information through available sources.

Why would a person choose to do this instead of traveling there?

It’s a bit easier, it’s cheaper

How do we do it?

By looking at travel shows, documentary series, searching online for different keywords.

What is traveling to another country and learning about it by living there?

To travel to the country and immerse oneself in the culture and learn through firsthand experience.

French immersion schools

Why choose this path?

To have complete 24-hour multiple-sensory integration with the country.

When I listen, I forget.

When I see, I understand.

When I do, I learn.

THESIS (the last sentence of your introductory paragraph that states your points of discussion and your position):

Although much information can be acquired through indirect sources online and on TV, I believe that immersing oneself in another country is better for deep learning of the culture and language.

Introductory Paragraph (Hook + Background + Thesis)

(Hook) Many people are curious to learn about other countries. (BG – definitions and importance) In order to understand foreign nations, a person needs to learn their culture, language, history, economy, and geography. In this way, people not only enrich their lives and broaden their values and tolerance but also create more opportunities for business and entertainment. Although much information can be acquired through indirect sources, online and on TV, I believe that immersing oneself in another country is better for deep learning.

BODY 1 (Topic sentence – give a deeper definition of your first thesis point) There are millions of people around the world that upload a wealth of knowledge about their homeland to the world wide web and to television shows and movies which can be viewed globally. (Explanation) People often prefer this method of learning other cultures and languages as it is much cheaper and more convenient than traveling abroad. Viewers access thousands of online videos, blogs, and language learning sites daily as well as watch documentaries and movies about foreign lands and people. (Example) Roughly ten years ago, I had acquired a great deal of information about Japan and the Japanese language by watching a series called Land of the Rising Sun and attending online Japanese language classes; this only cost me a few hundred dollars to get acquainted with the country, and I was able to do it easily from the comfort of my living room. (Conclude/connect) Nevertheless, third-party sources, although informative, are not enough to become truly knowledgeable about a foreign country.

BODY 2 (deep definition of living in another country to get better knowledge)
Living in another country and experiencing the people and the culture day in and day out is arguably the best way to quickly gain knowledge of the surroundings. (Explain) When individuals are submerged in a foreign culture, they are forced to communicate and comprehend their new community in order to achieve their goals, and through the force of necessity gain knowledge much faster than through TV or the internet. In this way, they not only see and hear the culture and geography but can also smell, taste, and touch it. (Example) Even though I had learned about Japan through the internet before traveling there, it was not until I had lived in Osaka for a year that I truly came to understand the Japanese people and adopt the local dialect of Kansai-ben.

In conclusion, much but not all of the information can be learned about another country through digital media. However, traveling to a foreign land is undoubtedly the most effective way to not only become familiar with the culture and language but also to do this quickly. Ultimately, having a truly deep understanding of a foreign culture is much more valuable and this is the reason millions of people travel abroad to study, work and live, each year.

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