IELTS Task 2 Writing – Unhealthy Lifestyle – with Planning

***TIP – Make sure to do FULL Writing Section Practice – this means, write a task 1 in 20 minutes followed by a task 2 in 40 minutes – no more than 60 minutes. (Task 1 is either an expository or narrative essay, depending on academic or general module respectively, and task 2 is a persuasive essay)

IELTS Writing Task 2
You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Many people do not pay enough attention to their mental and physical well-being. What are the causes of this? Support your opinion with explanations and examples and provide possible solutions. Write AT LEAST 250 words.

STEP 1 – Paraphrase – Lots of individuals neglect their mental and physical health. What leads to this situation and what are some solutions? Give support to your perspective and provide examples.

What type of question is this? This is an open question, meaning you can have many possible answers (as opposed to closed questions, like do you agree or disagree), and it is causes and solutions.

STEP 2 – Identify the “Topic” and “Controlling Idea(s)”

TOPIC = mental and physical health

CONTROLLING IDEA = The causes and solutions for neglecting mental and physical health

STEP 3 – Brainstorming – critically thinking of the Topic and Controlling Ideas

What is mental and physical health?

TIP*** When you define the topic, do it as concise as possible – few words

TIP*** Avoid defining the topic from the contra/negative perspective (Ex. metnal health is when people do not feel sad – this is a poor definition à it is when people feel happy.)

A: Mental health is a generally happy and satisfied mood, in control of one’s feelings. Having a strong self-esteem and image is positive mental health.

(Visualize – how does a doctor assess your physical health) Physical health means that a person’s metabolism and vital signs function appropriately for their given age, gender, height and weight. Strong metabolism, good immune system, strong muscles, appropriate weight.

Controlling Ideas

TIP – especially for open questions, think and work hard to identify the top 3 reasons. Think, “If I asked 100 people this question, what would most of them answer.”

What are the causes for neglecting mental and physical health?

A: too busy with work, financial burden, laziness, distraction with entertainment

Why do people neglect their mental and physical health?

A: lack of foresight, able to survive

How is mental and physical health neglected?

A: physical – people sit and eat unhealthy foods, mental – people do not socialize enough face-to-face, they do not exercise and eat healthy, they do not express their emotions. Sedentary  (does not move around) life-style

Solutions? Exercise and diet, community, family support and communication.

THESIS – The most common causes for people to neglect their mental and physical health are work and entertainment, and the solutions are better time and diet management.


There is an alarmingly high rate of individuals globally who are unfit mentally and physically. Many people suffer from mood disorders and poor conditioning which not only leads to a lower quality of life but also makes individuals vulnerable to environmental pressures. These persons underperform on a variety of medical indexes such as the Body Mass Index and are susceptible to depression and infection. The most common causes for people to neglect their mental and physical health are work and entertainment, and the solutions are better time and diet management.

BODY 1 (topic sentence – causes – work and entertainment) ailments

People do not invest enough time in their wellbeing because of hectic work schedules and lazy entertainment choices. (Explanation) Many hard-working individuals spend 10 to 12 hours at the office five days a week to make ends meet as sustenance costs around the world are skyrocketing. When these people finally have time for themselves, they opt to watch a movie or read a book instead of spending time with loved ones or going to the gym for a workout. This behavior leads to eventual deterioration of both mental and physical fitness. According to the World Health Organization, one in every three adults suffers from high blood pressure and being overweight due to lack of exercise and poor diet. Fortunately, there are some very effective solutions to these challenges.

BODY 2 (solutions – time and diet management)

A couple of ways to overcome mental and physical weaknesses, and gain attention for a healthier lifestyle are establishing a fitness and diet schedule. This means that individuals should set aside at least one hour a day, five days a week to do exercises such as going for a jog and the gym. Also, people should pay careful attention to record and manage the foods they eat, avoiding unhealthy junk foods, as well as excessive sugar and carbohydrates, while paying attention to eating more greens and fiber. In fact, a recent study by the famous diet program Weight Watchers discovered that people who create monthly fitness and diet routines report an overall high level of satisfaction with both their physical and mental conditioning. Clearly, these are effective measures to counteract the hectic work life and sedentary entertainment choices of people.


In conclusion, many people face serious challenges in paying attention to their overall health due to job pressure and sedentary enjoyment. Nevertheless, these obstacles can be met head-on with some dedicated time to managing exercise as eating habits. After all, a sound body and mind are fundamental to the overall high quality of life for all humans.

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