IELTS Task 2 Writing – Child or No Child – Band 9 Sample

IELTS Task 2 Writing You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Many people today, especially in the developed world, are choosing to have one child or none at all. Why is this happening, and do you think it is a good trend or the opposite? Give explanations and examples from your own experience. You should write at least 250 words.

INTRODUCTION (hook) These days, it is trendy to have one or no children. (Background – definitions and importance). Modern couples like to establish smaller nuclear families for career and social stability, especially in developed nations such as Canada and France. This recent family planning has a significant impact on both the current and future local and global communities. (Thesis – opinion + 2 clear and unique points for being positive) Although some people may argue that it is a negative trend to have one or no child, I believe it is a positive development as it both improves the quality of life for family and environment for humanity.

BODY 1 – (Start with the topic sentence with is a descriptive paraphrase of your thesis point 1) Nowadays, single or no-child families generally experience a higher level of socioeconomic status as well as a lower level of daily stress. (Explain) When both parents can dedicate more of their time to their career in an ever-increasingly expensive society, they are able to earn significantly more money which they can spend on luxuries such as a large house and yearly vacations. This is more easily attained with one or no child, as children are expensive and time-demanding. (Example – first person “I” + finance + stress) My uncle has only one child and therefore has the opportunity to earn over 100 million rupees a year which enables a luxurious life with all of the finer amenities and to go on vacation to Goa each year to decompress and bond with his wife and my cousin. (Connecting, concluding sentence) As many modern couples are aware of such cases as my uncle’s, this is one of several reasons they are choosing to have a single child or none.

BODY 2 Furthermore, the eight billion people on the planet are putting great pressure on nature and this number must decrease in order to alleviate pollution. (Explanation) When parents choose to have a single child or none, they are essentially contributing to the generational decline of the human population, thereby creating less water, air, and land pollution in the future through decreased consumption. (Explanation) Every single human creates a significant carbon footprint on the planet through their daily needs and wants. (Example) Of course, my uncle’s son, requires food, care, and toys growing up, and even more once he becomes an adult. With each additional offspring, this would demand would multiply. Therefore, I think that having small nuclear families is a positive for the future of humans as a species and the planet.

CONCLUSION (Point restated) In conclusion, having one or no children leads to stable family life and a sustainable environment. (Argument strengthened) As a result, I am strongly in favor of supporting parents’ decisions in building such family dynamics. (take-home-message) After all, it is better to have fewer children today and a future for tomorrow. (Sign up for our Premium IELTS, use code R4TYJ for a 20% discount here,

C57T6J Happy family – mother, father, child – running over a green meadow in summer

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