Studying IELTS

Studying IELTS is crucial to scoring well on the test. Setting a study schedule can help you to achieve your IELTS goals. The first point to consider when studying IELTS is when to start – the earlier you start, the better your score can be. If you are planning on taking the test in three months, don’t wait until two weeks before the test to study, start now! Three months of diligent study can greatly increase your band score.

Another question is how much time to spend studying in a single day. An optimal amount of study is no more than 2-3 hours per day. After this amount of time, your mind will start to wander and you will not be able to process information as quickly. It is better to stop for the day after a couple of hours and start again the next day.

One important consideration that many diligent students don’t take into account is study fatigue. You should not be studying every day. If you have started studying early enough, there is no reason to study hard every day. Doing so will give you study fatigue, which affects your ability to process information. To combat study fatigue, you should (ideally) study no more than two out of every three days. On the third day, relax, do something fun, and don’t even think about the test. This rest from study stress will allow you to come back fresh the next day and process your study materials efficiently and effectively.

It can be a good idea to make a study calendar. Mark the days you will study, and mark the days you will have off. If you do this, it can make it easier to stick to the schedule.

Studying IELTS can be a daunting task. But if you start early, and set a study schedule, you can get the score you want on the test. And remember, the best IELTS study materials available on the internet are right here at

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  1. Dior Solieff

    Good day, Sir Aeadmin. Could you help me, please. Just answer a few questions. I’m currently preparing for the IELTS exam at a training centre located in my country. The IELTS instructor is American, he is a very professional teacher but there are 7 students in the group (some of them have a good level in English, others do not) and therefore he doesn’t provide personal approach to each student. Will I succeed in IELTS if I keep on preparing in this way or do you consider it ineffective? P.S. I’m going to buy a full course. Is the price 15 USD?

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    Mr Aeadmin, I am going to send you 15 USD for the full course through WesternUnion? Is it a safe way to make a payment? How can I contact you when I have done it?

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    I would also like to know what is your first and last name (because the blank requires it written separately). Contact me in private, you know my email.

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    Thank you very much for activating my account. I have looked through your IELTS preparation materials – they are awesome! I believe they will help me enourmously in my preparation.

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