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After about four weeks of preparation, I took the test for the first time on 30th October 2021, and got an OVERALL 7.5. I want to encourage other aspirants to use the A.E Help website in preparation to save them precious time and money.

Paul Mpokwa, Tanzania

I have been preparing for the IELTS for about 3 months using various apps and websites, however, I found Academic Help the most efficient way to grasp command of the English Language. I highly recommend anybody to participate in the live classes and use the mobile application.

Stoica Onisim, Romania

Hello sir, with your help and premium lectures, and my restless efforts I was able to get my desired Band Score. I was able to score good marks only by getting in hands of team. Sir Adrian not only kept me ahead of rest by keeping me informed of the latest news of IELTS but taught me amazing strategies during my premium course.

Kuldeep Singh, India

I just completed my IELTS academic and received an Overall Band 7.5. Hope you enlighten others as well with your amazing guidance. Once again, a huge Thank you!

Dr Sidhesh Somne, India

I have watched all of your speaking practice interviews on youtube which helped me alot and I am able to obtain 7.5 band in speaking section by following the strategies of dear sir Adrian.

Usman Hassan, Pakistan

Hi, I am Shreyas Shastri from India. I would like to thank for providing worthy content for IELTS Preparation. I got a 7.5 Band (Overall). The tips, strategies and mock interviews provided by aehelp are worth taking.

Shreyas Shastri, India

Hi Adrian, Thanks for your excellent teaching skills I got 7.5 bands, precisely 8.5 in reading and listening and 7 in writing.

Prabhpreet Singh, India

I am grateful for all your devotion to making people pass the IELTS exams. I took more of your lectures and rewrote the exam last month on the 23rd and 24th July and I improved.

Chioma Judith Chukwu, Nigeria

On 13 March 2021 I had took an IELTS trial exam, and get a 4.5 score for my writing. Then I started the 30 days course of AEHelp and just after a month I got 7.0 for my writing. I appreciate your great work. I'm thankful you as much as I can.

Farhad Seyfullazada, Azerbaijan

I wanted to thank you for all the support you gave me before my test day. The platform sure gave me a lot of material to practice for the real exam. Total Band Score 7.0

Carolina Medina Florez, Colombia

Dear Adrein, Thanks for providing helpful videos in YouTube, your videos made me to achieve band 7 overall and 6.5 in speaking. Your messages, feedback at the end of video helped me to refine my self.

Syedbaji, India

This is Yash Chavan. Hereby attaching my picture for your testimonial section. I'm an Indian by nationality. My overall IELTS score is 8 - Speaking 7, Reading 9, Writing 7, Listening 8. Also attaching a screenshot of the same.

Yash Chavan, India

Hello Sir! I just want to say thank you for all of this training. I watched your videos as many as I could and scored an overall band 8!! I only had a week to prepare and I only watched your videos and did practice tests! Thank you!

Anitej Isaac Sharma, India

Hello sir! just recently got my results after remarking, I got L8 R6 W6.5 S6. 5. You recommended me to give my results for remarking. Thank u for your advice sir and I used all of the strategies that u taught us on free live lessons on youtube. Thank u so much, you are a great person!

Masrur Matmusaev, Uzbekistan

I would like to thank for providing worthy content for IELTS Preperarion. I got a descent 7.5 Band (Overall). The tips, strategies and mock interviews provided by aehelp are worthtaking.

Shreyas Shastri, India

Thank you for the help...because of this webpage I got overall 7 points for the exam... I'm very grateful for u guys for doing this...

Ishini Perera, Sri Lanka

Hello Adrian, I wanna tell you that I finally achieved my desired band score 7, Thank you so much, your online classes helped me a lot. I wish you all the best!

Firdavs Nabiyev, Russia

Overall score : 7.5 I barely had 2 months with me for my preparation and so I felt helpless... but, I was fortunate enough to find the videos of with the help of which I cleared my IELTS examination in my first attempt!

Dhal Kifl, India

Overall score : 7.0 I had only 2 months to prepare. Nevertheless, I scored a very decent band. With the help of AcademicEnglishHelp I cracked my Ielts in just 60 days!

Dhan Noon, India

I still remember the times when I struggle to score a good score in ielts and even Find a sublime teacher.I want to say thanks to Mr Adrian and ae help team for helping me through online lessons and videos.Anyway,Ae is the best course for ielts

Rivojiddin Davlataliyev, Uzbekistan

Dear sir I scored overall 8 bands in general ielts just by going through the online course of gieltshelp. Com I am an Indian and I am a prospective Canada pr applicant.

Dr. Zakiullah, India

I am very grateful for your lectures on IELTS Academic. I have been following and I managed to score an overall band score of 7.0

Daniel Mugadziwa, Zimbabwe

I am indeed grateful for all your tutorials and exercises, AEHelp! I got my results today. My overall band score is 7.5 on my first attempt. Words cannot describe how happy I am!

Jessameen Dela Peña, Philippines

I am using this medium to appreciate you for your support towards my IELTS exams. I and my wife just got our results which we came out with good score. My IELTS Score - Speaking - 7.5, Reading - 7, Writing - 7 and Listening - 8 My Wife Score - Speaking - 7.5, Reading - 7.5, Writing - 7 and Listening - 7.5 I am very grateful for your support, you are the best.

Olalekan Koiki, Nigeria

Today, I've received my score, and I got 1700 which is equivalent to 7 IELTS. I'm Thankful and Grateful to learn from you, especially in the writing section. I was on cloud 9 when I saw 1700! Most of the students are asking me how did you improve my writing in getting C1. Thus, I started to inform them about your channel.

Lidya Haytham Kasem, Syria

I have scored 7.5 bands in speaking and overall 7. I'm grateful to Adrian sir and service by which I received this commendable score.

Varun Mistry,India

I'd like to thank you and your team for the guidance offered esp. in my writing. The feedback helped me immensely in securing a good score. I'm happy to inform you that I got an 8 in writing with an overall score of 8.5. Thank you again!

Narayan, India

I would like to thank you for all the lessons you shared in AEhelp youtube as well as all the lessons and practice test on the AE app. I got an overall band score of 8 for the academic IELTS. Thank you once again and more power to AEhelp. The strategies indeed worked!

Ronabella, Philippines

Thanks a lot for your guidance. Over the days by listening to your tips, I got the confidence and started noticing improvement in my speech. Got my results and I have secured band 7 in speaking. Best wishes to train a lot of successful candidates.

Ashok Kr. Parthipan, India

I’ve just received my IELTS certificate and I got overall 7.0. Your videos on YouTube were absolutely useful and your app is fantastic.

Ibrokhim Mirsalikhov, Uzbekistan

I am forever grateful… is an amazing platform for Academic IELTS, as it was easily understandable, informative…I learned a lot from it.

Abhishek Jain, India

The course designed did helped me on day to day basis. I eventually got an overall band score of 7.5 in academic but special mention about how your course made a difference needs to be spelt once again and so thanks a ton !

Maulik Shah, India

Today i got my result: 7.5 overall, L 8 R 8.5, W 6.5, S 6.5. CoVid-19 lockdown put many obstacles in my way but your content, tips and tricks had helped me alot to achieve my goals.

Jagdeep Singh, India

My overall IELTS score: Band 8 The speaking samples available at AEHelp helped me a lot to prepare myself for the speaking test. I'd say these are the best resources available online.

Md. Sakib Hossain, Bangladesh

I got 8 bands overall, your live sessions have helped me a lot in improving my skills. My reading scores jumped from 5.5, 6 bands to 8. This was my first IELTS exam and scoring such a great score was like a dream come true.

Milind Kapoor, India

I must say through your feedback on the essays I used to share with you helped me so much. Thank you so much for such a wonderful work I have passed my IELTS 🙏🙏🙏

Meschack Odipo, Kenya

 Thank you AE Help and Adrian for all the insightful content, informative videos and live sessions. As an independent learner, I learnt a lot from your tips and demonstrations. I got my IELTS Academic Test results and scored 8.5 Band overall. Would absolutely recommend AE Help.

Nidhi Nadkarni, India

I scored an overall band 7 by watching your online lessons, videos and following your tips and strategies. Now I received an unconditional offer to continue my studies in the field of Engineering in Edinburgh. You have been really helpful Sir. Thank you very much!

Mario Prifti, Greece

This is my first time taking IELTS. I got a 7 in listening test and 7.5 for all other tests, giving me an overall band score of 7.5.I'm so grateful for the tips and suggestions given to me throughout the course. This truly helped me ace the tests and now I'm getting ready to move to the UK. Thanks AEHelp!

Chloe Delena, Philippines

I am delighted to tell you that I scored an amazing BAND 8! I couldn't have done it without your help and amazing qualitycontent that you have made available for everyone, and I sincerely wanted to thank you for it.

Nandan Ramesh, India

Your AEHelp premium package was definitely helpful and your tips in the online class is valuable. I managed to get Band 9 for Listening, Band 8.5 for Reading, Band 7.5 for Speaking, and Band 7 for Writing. Thank you for your lessons.

Josef Matondang, Indonesia

I am very much pleased to send you my IELTS result, overall band 7. A MILLION THANKS for your support throughout my preparation.

Mounika Grace, India

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks a lot for your help. I got 6.5 on IELTS test. I really really appreciate. Will recommend you guys to everyone I know that wants to take the IELTS test.

Onyekelu Willz, Nigeria

I am writing to appreciate you for your course, it was indeed a great help to me in the course of my preparation for IELTS and just received my results. The overall band score is 7.5

Moses Fadun, Nigeria

I thought it is impossible to get a required score in IELTS, but thanks to your channel and other learning materials especially Task2 writing lessons my dream finally came true. Today, I got my scholarship and I will study in Australia soon.

Bekjan Omirzak, Kazakhstan

Happy New Year! I just wanted to inform you that I got 7.5 in my IELTS. Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it.

Magdalene Tariana, Kenya

thanks you sir, I got my desire score in 2nd attempt. Thanks for your premium course and free ielts live video, it really helped me to obtain desired results.

Dip Bhatt, Nepal

I have secured an overall of band 7 in my IELTS first attempt. I really got benefitted from the live stream classes on YouTube every single day where all the sections were thoroughly explained with Q&A going on in parallel. Thank You Adrian for being a perfect mentor for providing me a perfect gateway for pursuing my masters from USA.

Shaily Shrivastava, India

I got Band 7 as my overall score. The content and resources provided in the portal was quite accurate and useful for me to prepare for the exam. At last I can say AE help was worth the time and the money I had invested in and would definitely recommend it to all the people who are planning to give their IELTS exam in the near future.

Danish Khatri, India

Big thanks to your amazing work on website and youtube . I secured a good bang 7 within a few weeks of practice. Im from India and im not a native speaker. Thanks a lot Adrian.

Rupak, India

Your videos were really helpful. I got a score of 6 w 7 s 8 l 9 r and 7.5 overall. Messed up writing and got nervous in speaking but your tips helped a lot.

Mohammad Omar Alam, India

Thank you so much for all your help, support, and encouragement during this time. I got an overall 7.0 on my IELTS exam which wouldn't have been possible without your videos, classes, and strategies.

Carolina Ascanio, Columbia

I’ve got my IELTS results: Reading 6, Listening 6, Writing 6, Speaking 7 I am really happy for my personal achievement and for the fact that now I am able to keep going with my immigration journey. Thank you very much for your help!

Davide Sampognaro, Italy

I got overall 6 band score . That time i had no idea how to improve than i started watching your YouTube live classes this time i got 6.5 band score and Not less than 6.5 .I just wanted to say thanks for providing great online classes .

Roshan Kumar Dubey, India

Thank you so much for your course, especially the live video classes on YouTube. With your great advice and help, I got the required score. Overall 7.5

Vimsith Cheenothingal, India

I got the result today and I was so happy that I got my desired score L 7, R 6, W 6.5, S 6.5. It would have been impossible with out you and AE Help. Learning in the website and interacting with you helped me a lot for achieving my scores.

Naveen Kumar, India

I scored 7.5 bands in IELTS.Thank you for your awesome stuff and videos. Keep it up. I am looking forward for applying study visa in Canada and hopefully 7.5 bands would make my dream true. Thank you very much.

Jagjit ‘Mr. Bains’, India

Writing and speaking sections were difficult in particular for me, but the methodical approach to both these sections, along with clear, concise, and most importantly step by step patient approach helped me achieve my goals. Seriously can't thank you enough!

Amrendra Thakur, India

Your guidance and valuable tricks pushed to me capture this significant score in each module of this exam. I want to thank you by my heart !

Rahul Singh, India

I followed the tips that you have tought and scored Band 7. Thank you so much for your valuable lectures.

Goutham Podili, India

I enjoyed this experience since it is my first time to do the IELTS , Your videos are very useful.

Haitham Fodeh, Jordan

I'm a primary school teacher I use your teaching techniques for my little ones. When I watch your videos I automatically write my own essay, we do not feel any stress when we study with you. I just want to thank you and I know I can get high score with your guidence. Thank you!

Helan Woods, Sri Lanka

I am so happy about my result. First of all I thank God for this great result in short span of time, secondly to your such a great support and advices. Thank you so much!

John C George, India

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, as my teacher. Though I couldn't buy your full course, I have recommend this course to many of my friends and relatives who are preparing for IELTS, for nursing jobs in UK. Thanks again.

Jancy Jose, India

Thank you, Mr. Adrian! For your great course and proper help, because of which, i got 7 overall on my first attempt!

Manpreet Singh, India

I was able to get an overall score of 7.5. Tips from the videos really helped and helped do well and also Adrian's youtube live classes helped as well, About the website I feel thats its awesome.

Fuad Ahmed Quraishi, India

Hello sir, After one year of studying with AEHELP, I not only managed to get overall band 7 but I also have learned how to think, speak and write accurately and effectively. Thank you Adrian, these all happened just because of you.

Pedram, Iran

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are very generous in providing such high quality content on YouTube and helping so many people who cannot afford to pay for private lessons. Thanks to your classes, I was able to achieve the grades I needed to apply for studies. So you certainly had a part of contributing to my success.

Vanessa, Brazil

Just wanted to say big thank you to you Adrian because of your free lessons I passed my exam in 3rd attempt with average of 7.5 with least scored mark was 7in writing. Thanks again for your help.keep helping millions around the world.stay blessed

Dasun Wijeratna, India

Hi Adrian, Listening 7.5, Writing 6.5, Reading 6.0, Speaking 8.0 and overall band is 7. I'm currently awaiting decision on my offer into UK universities that I applied to study Master's in Nursing Science.Thanks once again and God bless you and your team.

Adeyanjy Adebola, Nigeria

Thank you, sir. This would not be possible without you. Your website is really helpful and I have been watching the IELTS's strategic videos, that's why I manage to write good essays. So thanks again, sir.

Kartik Kankar, India

Hello, sir. I got my results, Overall:7 . Thanks a lot for your videos and tips that you provided to achieve such high band scores. I improved my English skills significantly through your advice and attained this awesome score.

Tural, Azerbaijan

Hi sir, I applied your all strategies for exam and I got splendid result in first time I mean gave exam first time , therefore I'm really grateful to you Adrian sir . My result is ; listening 7.5, Writing 6 ,Specking 6, reading 5.5

Lakhveer, India

Special thanks to your videos that helped me a lot to overcome all the fears about the test and achieve an excellent result. I got a Band 8 on Speaking test with an overall Band 8. It would be an honor to be a part of your testimonials, I am really thankful for all your support. Best of Luck and Stay Safe.

Hossain, Bangladesh

I sincerely want to appreciate Adrian and the entire staff of You guys are amazing! The best site for IELTS preparation! In just 2 months you helped me prepare for my test. I just got my result: Overall =7.5 This is my first attempt at IELTS and obviously my last. Thank you once again!

Ezinne Njoku, Nigeria

I scored overall 7. 8 in listening, 7.5 in reading, 6.5 in speaking as well as 6 in writing Thank you. Yours faithfully and regards

Gurkirat Singh Sidhu, India

I love your lesson you gave me confidence not only in my communication but also you give me a new insights how to think like an expression. Even though you were at long distance away you It feels like you are here. Thanks a lot I will never forget.

Umurzako Akbarshoxv, Uzbekistan

I have passed my IELTS Academic exam with overall 7.5 bands. This will help me a lot in taking admissions in better colleges. I still watch videos so that i am able to become more fluent.

Parteek Gorkhey, India

Sessions helped me a lot in learning strategies for all the 4 modules. All the knowledge which you gave has helped me in gaining band 7.5 in speaking and an overall band score of 7. Thank you once again. Dheeraj pawar - India

Dheeraj Pawar, India

I am so happy, and I would like to thank you so much for helping and supporting me to pass the IELTS exam with an overall band score of 7, exactly what I needed to pursue my master's degree abroad.

Hassan Sadeq Jaafar, Iraq

I was able to get my IELTS results for overall band 7. Indeed, even during the peak quarantine period, we did not stop our classes, AEHelp's classes came in handy to boost my knowledge especially in terms of speaking. Thank you for giving encouraging and fabulous classes.

Sayfullayeva Mahbuba, Uzbekistan

I can't thank you enough for helping me achieve my required band scores and an overall of 8 in the Academic test with just 2 weeks' of practice. I am really happy with my overall score and a lot of credit goes to the live sessions conducted by you. Thanks a lot.

Kanu Priya, India

I am writing to you to say a HUGE THANK you!!! I passed my IELTS exam on the 11th of July and got 6.5 and now I am studying at the University of Warsaw!

Maka Etsadashvili, Georgia

I watched many videos from AEHelp because I think it is the best resource to study IELTS. I got 6.0 on my first attempt and it is so amazing. Thanks, AEHelp!

Yosia Adyasta, Indonesia

I was able to achieve an overall band of 7.5. At first, I decided to invest some money to maximize my chances of getting over the band 7, and I was right. The one-on-one session with Adrian gave me confidence in my abilities, and he was able to identify my weaknesses and how to quickly fix them with some tips. I can't thank you guys enough.

Mohamed Amine Boufalja, Morocco

I got a 7.0 in my speaking IELTS, thank you so much and I am hoping that you will touch and help more people's lives in reaching for their dreams and in taking their IELTS exam!

Dianne Nicole Bausa, Philippines

Your videos were so HELPFUL & USEFUL for my preparation for the Academic IELTS test. I was so grateful that I managed to get an overall band 7.5 which was the result that I wanted. I will recommend your channel to all my friends who plan to take the IELTS test and hope they will find your tutorial useful too!

Khoo Yeu Her, Malaysia

Got my scores, its overall 7. This was my aim and I achieved it because of you. Thank you so much for your help.

Harshil Budhiraja, India

I would like to thank you for providing me enough training to improve my scores, which went from (LRSW) (9 7 7 6.5) to (9 8.5 8.5 7). I guess all I needed to get these band scores was to improve my answering strategy, which I did thanks to your youtube classes and website content.

Fernando Venceslau, Brazil

I got an overall 7.5, Thank you!

Li Ying, China

I didn't have the time to go for coaching because of my busy schedule, that's why I opted for academic aehelp. I didn't know how to start. Academic aehelp provided me everything to understand online.

Vibhu Jha, India

"Overall: 8.0 Listening: 8.0 Reading: 8.5 Wrriting: 7.0 Speaking: 7.5 It is the grade I needed. I wanted to thank you a lot for helping me to get prepared for the IELTS exam. It was a very nice experience. Also, please give my thanks to the rest of the writing editing team for their comprehensive reviews."

Reza Asgharzadeh, Iran

I just get my IELTS result today and it's wonderful. I got 7. I would like to thank you sincerely for the precious materials you post on your YouTube channel and website. Thank you very much.

Almamy Seny, Papua New Guinea

I am really pleased that I can let you know about my new speaking score!! I got 7 in the speaking section!! If I could not study with you, I would not be able to get my target score. thank you so much.

Yeyoung Chun, S. Korea

Since I want to attend a new Master in Telecommunication Engineering, I was required to obtain an overall band score 6.0 minimum. Thanks to your vital advice I got band 7.0!! So I wanted to thank you sir. I will recommend my friends to join AEHelp.

Claudia Rollo, Italy

I just received my IELTS score. Pen and paper based IELTS, OverAll=8.00 Scores in TRF will be Final. For the MBA degree I just needed to clear band 7. Thank you.

Akshay Joshi, India

I took the academic ielts test couple of weeks ago and got a band 7 which was my goal band. I wanted to thank you for your videos, i got access to, were of a great help, Thank you so much sir, and all of those who participate in this amazing work.

Fahima Mohanche, Algeria

Hi there, i just wanted to thank you for helping getting my score, especially for the reading and speaking section. I got an overall 7.5 score! I can send you a scan of my certificate so you can be proud too)) cheers.

Emanuele Lai, Italy

Today I got my result, overall 7 bands. My previous attempt my speaking score was 5 only but now I have got 7. Thank you for all your support. With tears in my eyes, I want to touch your feet. It's Indian custom. I'm sooo happy.

Manisha Thakur, India

I have just checked my IELTS results. The speaking part is 7.5 (so the same as the mock exam with you). Overall Band 8. The score is even better than I predicted, thank you for your help and for creating this website, it turned out to be very useful.

Radoslaw Kornas, Poland

My score is L7.5 R6.5 S6.5 W5.5 Overall 6.5 and I highly thankful to you for your help. I will recommend this course to all of my friends, who are struggling with IELTS. ...Without you I was not able to achieve it. Thanks again

Baljeet Dhillon, India

Your website is just great! Before, I was using different books to get ready for IELTS, but I was kind of lost. Your website is nicely organized and to be honest I am so into it that I can’t stop studying.

Beata Żulewska, Poland

Sir, I got 7 band score with 8.5 in listening on my IELTS exam. Thank you a lot sir for support and feedback. I was only able to get such great band score with your help :)))

Begzod Suyunov, Uzbekistan

Great thanks to the whole team of AE Help. Learning with your web site is just a pleasure. Stay that amazing and continue to help people all around the world.

Darina Georgieva, Spain

I've got a 7.5 on the first attempt, if that's important :) Thank you for putting me on your website, it's an honour, and again, thank you for all your support and answers! :)

Benedek Bokor, Hungary

I wish everything in your business and life goes well and i want to say thank you for your precious and valuable website.

Elham Chidar, Iran

I have just finished your IELTS course and found it all very helpful. I am going to take the IELTS after a year, but your course has inspired me to start my preparation right now.

Benny Atanasoff, Bulgaria

These are my most recent scores in IELTS. I'm very thankful to all the help you and your team has provided me. Your Indicative IDP: IELTS Test Result is...OverAll=7.50 Regards.

Rahat Nagpal, India

It was the fourth time I was taking that exam... After your valuable feedback I obtained 7 in writing exam. I will strongly recommend my colleagues to join your website.

Gloria Marquina Ospina, Spain is very unique in terms of the academic environment. I have found that very few websites can provide the kind of memorable and successful experience that offered me.

Chet Raj Joshi, Nepal

Just wanted to say how grateful i am, the tutorials i bought from you really helped me. I got 8 overall with a 7.5 in speaking of which was my worry.

Alex Okeyo, Kenya

Thanks a ton sir for your invaluable help. I have received my score today and got 7 overall band with L 7.5 R 6 W 6.5 S 7.5. Many many thanks sir. Cheers :)

Aditya Kulkarni, India

Thanks a lot. I got 7 overall, but i am required to score 7 in each. Again giving exam. By the way, your website helped me a lot. Thanks a ton!

Vishal Sheokand, India

I've got...Overall band score =7.5 All the credit goes to you AE Help team. This website is my #1 advise to my colleague and friends.

Adil AlSharif, Sudan

For more than 3 months self-studying IELTS with AEHelp, my IELTS knowledge and skills have already improved so much... I also introduce website to some of my friends at Vietnam.

Thai Le, Vietnam

Before I found you, all I got is 5 in writing part, but then I was keep watching over and over. I finally got 6.5 burst into tears ToT. My dream to study abroad is finally come true.

Naraboon Patanacharoen, Thailand

I have successfully passed my IELTS exam with overall band score of 7.5 and individual marks as follows…your material on your website, it really helped me passing my exam!!

Tushar Jaitly, India

...And it's was all your course effort i got 6 band thank you very much.

Umair Abdul Rajpoot, Pakistan

I rolled up my sleeves and studied video lessons (for only one month). Helped me score 7.0 average. Still can't believe they offer all these lessons for so cheap!...Thank you AEHelp Team!

Omer F. Erdogan, Turkey

I successfully passed IELTS Academic Test with overall band 6.5, aehelp online course helped me a lot to get this score, I highly recommend this course!

Mhd Omar Al-Habash, Syria

Thank you very much. I really love your site. It's very useful...

Witoon Tuyawat, Thailand
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