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Hi Ahmed,
Thank you for your questions. When you are preparing for the exam, you need to practice the main skills of paraphrasing, visualizing and critical thinking – focusing on each one separately. Once you feel more confident, you need to start combining them. For example, read a passage and try to visualize it while considering the ‘what, why, and how’. Ideally, all three skills are incorporated. Of course, during the exam you do not have time to apply these skills on paper, ONLY in your head. However, if you have done the practice, I mention at home, you should be feel comfortable and confident to do this during the exam. For instance, when the listening section starts you look at key words in the questions and think of possible synonyms in your head before the audio begins. As well, you are able to visualize the context in detail and recognize the answers for ‘what, why and how’. I hope this makes more sense. Pay attention to the course instructions about what to do “Before Exam” and “During Exam”.