Delete My Account

Whether you’ve achieved your English language goals or you’re moving on to new challenges, we’re grateful you chose us for your journey. Before making a final decision, we’d love to hear from you about how we might improve or assist you further. Your feedback is invaluable, and there’s always a chance we could offer a solution that meets your needs.

If you’ve decided it’s time to move on, here’s a simple guide to help you delete your account from both the the website and the Academic IELTS mobile app (available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store):

  1. Sign in to your ‘My Student Page‘.
  2. Navigate to the top right corner and select ‘Edit Profile‘.
  3. Within the Edit Profile page, locate the “Delete Account” section and click on the red “Delete Account” link.
  4. Please remember, once you delete your account, it’s permanent. This means you’ll lose access immediately, and any purchases linked to your account will no longer be available.

We’re here to help until the very last moment, so if there’s anything you need or if you’d like to share your reason for leaving, we want to hear your feedback. Your insights could be the key to making our community even better for everyone. Send us a message on the contact us page.