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      can any one guide through , how to use the website

      what is the first step to start learning?
      should I first dwonload book material or watch the videos

      Thank you


        Hi Mohammad,
        Sorry for the lateness of this reply. The first step is to download the 30 or 60 Day Study Plan in your PDFs. Choose the one that fits your schedule.
        Then go through the interactive course and watch the appropriate videos with each section. Finally, make sure to do some practice exams before you sit the IELTS. Good studies.


          Does the site have a Norwegian version?


            Hi Amalie, The site is in English only – the translations use the Google Translate engine, which you should be able to use in your Chrome browser anyway. In either case, I recommend using the site in English as this is the goal and language of the material. Good studies.

            Sapna Kanwar

              it have hindi version also ?


                Hi Sapna, The site is in English but you can use Google translate on the site to get the text in Hindi. Good studies.


                  Hi, I have some issues with my lesson videos and IELTS audio. They cannot be played
                  Can someone help me?


                    Dear Bimo,
                    Thank you for your question. We cannot replicate this on our end, for us the videos play fine on Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Oprah.

                    Please go through the following steps:

                    1. Please use the website with Google Chrome (

                    2. Also, please close any high bandwidth programs such as torrent downloads.

                    3. Make sure that you do not have ad blockers or firewall settings which are restricting the videos to play.

                    4. Also, please clear your internet cache and try again.

                    5. Note, if you are using a proxy connection or satellite internet this can cause issues with security on our Amazon Cloud Servers. Please make sure to use a stable, and secure connection whenever possible.

                    If you continue to have problems, please take a screenshot and describe it in detail, and I can help you further.


                      I have problem with opening books with my password,when I enter password tells incorrect passwords,then i change password which
                      I registr with you first time and tried to open books with second pass word,but still the same problem occur.I really appreciate you and Iwant to follow your course. please help me to open it.


                        Hi Renuka, your password is your email address that you used to create your account. Enter in your email address into the password filed for the PDF and it will open.


                          Have a nice day =))


                            You too Ngoc

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