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    Hello sir
    Your videos are proving to be very helpful for me in academics Ielts. I just have some doubts in listening section

    you have stated different kinda strategies in listening section like Visualization , Note taking (like mind map and linear formats) and paraphrasing.
    well as you know there are different types of questions like fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions.
    In some fill in the blanks questions , the questions are like unimportant to the main theme of the conversation ,as the questions like asking for an adjective or an adverb which we normally don’t note down while taking notes!!
    In some passages especially in the 3rd and 4th section, note taking is proven to be very necessary as we cannot answer paraphrased sentences in the conversation and questions are even also not in the sequence as per the conversation.
    Will they give a rough sheet during the listening test for note taking?

    so please suggest me , should I follow note taking in exam? or should i go with visualization and go through questions while the conversation is being played ?
    or please tell me what strategy should i use for what kinda question?
    please be fast to clear my doubt sir, i have my exam in the following weekend

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