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      I subscribed and paid $39, but still the courses are not available for me. I logged in and navigated to Full Online Academic IELTS course link and clicked the dropdown menu, Listening Section Part A is accessible by default, when I click Listening Section Part B it give link which says Full course only, when I click the link it again navigates to payment page, which indicates that I have to make the payment again. Please help


        Hi Ziauddin, please make sure you are logged in with your user account and try accessing the course materials again. If the problem continues, please let us know!


          Yeah, I have the same problem.


            Hi Michael,

            I can’t seem to locate your billing information. In order to help you further, please indicate:

            a. When you made each payment (mm/dd/yyyy)
            b. Then exact name that you used in your billing information;
            c. The email that you used in your billing information
            d. The transaction ID if you have it in your post-purchase email receipt

            This will help us to locate your payment and make the necessary corrections.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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