IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Exciting Day – Band 9

Go to the exam early, print out two sets of the same questions and ask other candidates to practice with you before your exam. *You must get to your speaking exam at least 45 minutes before, because you need to register as well.

Discuss an exciting day in your life.
You should say:

-When it happened?
-Where were you?
-What made the day so exciting?
How do you feel about this day?

You will have one to two minutes to talk about this topic.
You will have one minute to prepare what you are going to say.

Event (past) = time, location, attendees, activities, experience 

3 exciting events that I can choose from (1-3, very to not so much: original, easy, lots of content)

Met my girlfriend, o = 3, e = 1, c = 2, (you will speak fast and run out of ideas fast)  

reach the summit of Everest, o = 1, e = 2, c = 2 

celebrated birthday, buying a car, promotion at work, wedding, dentist graduation day, university acceptance, driver’s license, going on vacation, 

visiting an amusement park – activities (***event): rides, 

o = 1, e = 1, c = 1


June of 2018, hot day on a Sat – friend’s bday.

6 Flags Magic Mount. Cali

3 high school friends…

(Activity, backed up by experience) *Exciting – fun, scary, memorable, laughs,

roller coaster, house of terror, ferris wheel, - scary (high, fast feeling of falling, element of surprise

carousel, bumper cars, cotton candy, ice cream, dancing, - lots of happy moments, music, uplifting, funny, laugh  

carnival games, prizes – thrill of winning 

One of the most exciting days I’ve had recently, well as recently as possible, was visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park in California back inthe summer of 2018. I remember that it was a hot day, around 38 degrees plus, on June 16th, because it was my friend’s 25th birthday, and he had always wanted to go to this theme park, so we finally made the trip. We took a road trip there from Seattle Washington with three of my friends from high school whom I have know for the past ten years. Six Flags is a world-famous amusement park on over 100 acres of land and is just slightly north of Los Angeles. We spent an entire day there from the time the doors opened at 9 a until the closed late night around 11pm. This had been an extremely exciting day to spend with my friends because of all of the enjoyable activities that we did. We went on several rollercoaster rides, such as the red dragon and Superman, these were really scary and I almost lost my lunch a couple of times. At one point we rode on a farriswheel that took us up to 20 stories high and it was terrifying and thrilling to see the park and surround area from that height. Then we had lunch, we ate corndogs, and we had a lot of good laughs full of adrenaline from our adventures. After filling our bellies we went to the haunted house which was so scary that one of my friends started crying after we finally got out. Looking back at this day, I feel overjoyed that I decided to join my friends on this trip. Not only is it a great memory and fills me with happiness to reminisce about what we did, but such days are not possible at the moment, so it really is a treasure. I can still hear my friends screams and laughs while we were smashing the bumper cars into each other, and chasing each other down, listening to loud rock and roll music. Certainly, I haven’t had an exciting excursion like this since the lockdown.    

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